Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cupcake stamps set and matching punch; spinner card too

This weekend was wet, wet, wet, windy, dreary, and cold, but I had fun at a stamping class hosted by Diana Gibbs - we used Stampin' Up's new cupcake stamp set and matching punch, and the spinner stamp set.  These cupcakes look good enough to eat!  And since the punch matches the stamps exactly, it is sooo easy to stamp and punch out a lot of them!

Everyone loves cupcakes, right?  Reminds me of that show Cupcake Wars, where they make cupcakes out of all sorts of different foods and flavors you wouldn't expect in a sauerkraut and beer!?!  And see the other yummy cupcake product we made - it is a clothespin with 3 mini-bars of chocolate!  That was a real challenge...not eating the chocolates while working on it!  lol

Our furbaby didn't much like the rain...she didn't even want to spend much time in the covered porch - here she is at the sliding glass doors waiting to be let back in!

I will be posting some more pictures this week of the stamping event I went to last weekend, and the birthday gift set I made up and just mailed out.  Hope you had a good weekend, and stop by this week to see what else I've been making!!

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  1. Cupcake & spinner cards are wonderful! Love the colors!



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