Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clock cards variation; furbaby at dog agility class

I made up a couple more of those clock cards that I posted last week for a swap to mail out. I used seam binding ribbon instead of the polyester twill and a retired Stampin' Up designer paper for the clock face....Also I used pacific point ink to clear emboss the clock face and edge the scallop circle behind the clock with. This color worked well with this designer paper I thought...
Here is the clock card I made and posted before, so you can see the difference.
I like all of them!  What do you think?

I have another cute furbaby picture to share with you - I took this pic with my cell phone while we were at last month's private dog agility lesson - I was sitting behind our doggy crate taking notes, while my husband and our teacher were out by the agility course obstacles talking....our furbaby Inu was in the crate....I heard all the scratching scritching noise she was making inside it, but she soon stopped.

Then I heard my husband and our teacher laughing - and our teacher said, "Now that's a picture!"  Seems that our furbaby Inu had managed to unzip part of her crate door and stuck her head out, but she knew she should stay in it!  What a good little dog she was (kinda of!)  Don't you just love the funny stuff your pets do?!

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