Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cards I have been making

Seems hard to believe that December is here already!  I started making my Christmas lists - cards to send, gifts to make and buy, and those that I need to get into the mail.  But I have been making cards too. 

Three of the cards here use Stampin Up's new stocking punch and stamp set and they are really more versatile than you would think a stocking could be (besides getting lost in the wash and/or dryer lol)

The stocking punch made Christmas stockings, a hobby horse card,
and baby bootees card!

Here is the stocking punch and stamp set - you can either get them as a hands-on punch and stamps set of 7 stamps, or My Digital Studio digital. 

With the digital punch and stamp set you can download them immediately after you buy them!
What other things do you think you can use the stockings for??

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