Sunday, December 11, 2011

Look what our furbaby brought home today!

Today our 3 year old furbaby, Inu, was in a DOCNA dog agility event - she did Jumpers 2 (12" height series of jumps) and Trigility (3-dog team agility event).  We were so proud of her that she received TWO first place ribbons!  Especially since we were at the site from 7 am to 3 pm, and most of that time is spent waiting, waiting, waiting....especially since we were in the first event and the very last one!

Inu seems to be handling all the waiting pretty well - when she lies stretched out like this you know she is comfortable with it all, despite the noise and business.   Since the event was held at Arizona's largest indoor dog agility site, with a lot of dogs, it can be close quarters and it takes some getting used to, for both the dogs and owners. 
However, Inu is a trooper...

But this was our new furbaby, Tootsi's, first time at a dog agility event, and only her third time at this place where we go every week for classes.  She didn't spend much time resting like Inu did...! 

Tootsi was in this crate with her fuzzy blanket and Inu's soft crate is to the right with a fuzzy blanket.  Tootsi also had a blanket across the back of her crate, since that helps many dogs to be more comfortable with not seeing the other stuff and dogs all around them. 

We did several things to pass the time....brought along a laptop, a kindle, dog lunches, dog treats, and comfortable crates.  And we would take our furbabies out to snoop several times.

Both Inu and Tootsi got to go outside and walk around - it's all new to Tootsi so she sticks pretty close to us, but Inu is an old pro at this location, having taken dog agility classes for 3 years there
since she was 6 months old.

We were all tired when we got home, but Inu had a good day, and
I immediately hung her two new ribbons off her crate
(after taking some pictures of them)!!

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