Monday, December 5, 2011

Field trips this week with our new dog Tootsi

An important aspect of a dog owner's responsibility is socializing your dog to many different situations, environments, people, and animals. Since Tootsi has joined our family last week, we have been doing that with her...Here are some pictures of her experiences this past week.

 This first set of pictures were taken at one of the nearby dog parks - we are lucky to have several nearby - they are all fenced in and divided into two areas.  The smaller area is for dogs who are more timid or older.  We usually go in that section because the dogs are smaller.

 The dog parks also have benches to sit on, water fountains, and doggy bags.  Dogs must have a dog tag and be at least 6 months old.

 Some dog parks have other activities for the dogs, such as
a pool, agility equipment, etc.

You can see in the pictures that Tootsi stayed pretty close to us,
and her sister, Inu.

Another doggy field trip was to Home Depot - again, we are lucky that we can bring our dog into Home Depot and Lowes.  Inu loves going to these stores, because she gets lots of attention!

 Inu likes these field trips so much, if she could jump up
into the shopping cart, she would! 

 After getting lots of attention, Tootsi is ready for another quick stop before heading home.  She doesn't get anxious in the back seat of the truck at all, unlike her sister, who has to sit in my lap in the front.

Can you see where we are now?  A drive-up window...

Tootsi sees that her sister Inu is really excited about coming here - Dairy Queen gives free "pup cups" of vanilla ice cream!

Those pup cups were gone pretty fast lol.

 Today we went to a Christmas pet festival that was held inside a large building - and got to sit on Santa's lap...

Considering all the noise from other activities and dogs inside this building, and that the sounds were amplified, both Tootsi and Inu did pretty well with Santa!
There were some free doggy treats throughout, so that made it worthwhile, as far as the furbabies were concerned...Tootsi is doing a great job of adjusting to her new life!

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