Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy holidays - Our home lightshow!

Happy Holidays all!  
I just had to do it...
This website allows you to make your own Christmas 
lightshow with a picture of your own home!  
 Click on the link above to view it and get the whole effect, twinkling lights and music!

 In reality, this is what our outside holiday decorations look like
Here is a picture taken during the daylight:
 Can you see the two lighted dogs outside?  One is red for our furbaby Inu, and the other white, for our other newly adopted furbaby, Tootsi....

 It was just luck that we found these at the hardware store 
and they were perfect!  And the cactus has a Santa cap on it lol.  

We even had time to take our furbabies to see Santa...

And the Christmas parade that our community does every year - next year I want to have a golf cart and decorate it and ride it in the parade with our furbabies!

Here is a picture of our house outside taken at night:

Check out our brand-new kitchen bay window too 
(Christmas present to ourselves lol)

Hope you all have a great holiday season, 
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

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