Monday, December 26, 2011

Magnetic mini calendars with matching cards

I think I finally have all my mini-calendars done now!  Here is the first batch I made - I had made the prettiest Christmas card in pool party, one of Stampin Up's newest In Colors...with the velvet ribbon and so I thought I would made a matching magnetic mini-calendars.  This set was for my sister-in-law, who, like me, loves dogs (she has three dogs!). 

After gluing the designer series papers onto the chipboard, and magnetic strips on the back (save those magnetic business cards you get so you can recycle them here!!), I attached the mini-calendar and velvet ribbon.  Then I punched out a cute dog diecut (thanks to Claudia!) on the snowflake embossed pool party paper.

I had to put a little bow on the calendar too and it was fun decorating the little dog - he had a tiny pearl eye and rhinestone on his collar.

I was using my newly done and painted closet shelf to take my pics from - but since my craft room got re-arranged 3 more times (new windows, vents, etc.) I had to try some different locations to put my cards and take pics from.  I just don't think any of these spots work at well at my closet, so I guess I'll have to keep an space cleared out in it just for taking pictures!

Here is the other set of matching card and mini-calendar using the owl punch - this was for my mother and father:

Gee I am thinking that I should have tied a little polka dot bow on the ribbon on the owl calendar too!....
 Now I am sure I much prefer how my pics come out on the shelf in my closet - even against this shiny white wall I am not crazy how
my pics came out....the shininess of the wall seems to make the card/calendar look a little drab.

 But I really like how the card and matching calendars came out - cute!  I'll be posting more of these mini-calendars this week.  Loving that we have another long weekend coming up! 
We went to see the Twilight Breaking Dawn finally!!  Sure am glad that Diana told me to stay for the credits at the end to see a preview of Part 2!!

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