Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dogs' new outfits for Christmas event

 We bought the cutest holiday dog outfits for our furbabies (yeah I know, never thought we would really do that, but they were on sale...).

Since we had never done this before, it was rather an ordeal just trying on the holiday outfits on the dogs at home to see if they needed to be adjusted before heading out to an outdoor Christmas
lighting boat show...

We put the Christmas tree outfit on Tootsi first, and the Santa outfit on Inu - already Inu did not like this Santa outfit - it had a hood on it on her neck...yuck she says - look at her face!

Tootsi is handling it fairly well though in the Christmas tree outfit - I just had to take a little tuck in under their tummies where the velcro strap went so the outfits wouldn't slide around on their backs.

But Inu doesn't care, she still hates that Santa cap hoody
thing on her neck...

They look really cute though!

Inu tries to run away and see if the outfit will fall off LOL!

Nope, that thing on my neck is still there....

Boy, Inu looks very disgruntled by now!

Both furbabies are wondering how much longer they have
to tolerate this...

Inu thinks she can shake real hard and maybe it will go away NOT!

Since the Christmas tree outfit has no neck thingy, we
switch outfits on the dogs...

Well Inu thinks this is much better, but still not sure she
will put up with it...

Tootsi is showing off in this Santa outfit - I wonder if she had to do
this with her previous owners?

Both girls are doing better now that we have switched the outfits - the Christmas tree is lighter and less fabric, so it looks like Inu will handle that one much better!

Just a few more pictures for mom before we take the outfits off and
head out to the park for the Christmas boat lighting show.

Finally, I get a decent picture of the furbabies all dolled up.  So we take the outfits off and spent quite a bit of time looking for a place to park once we get there....but didn't miss the boat lighting show. 
It was really pretty and colorful.

Inu and Tootsi are thrilled at the food smells and popcorn on the ground!  And they are a huge hit in their outfits - lots of comments from other attendees.  Especially the kids loved the dogs and their outfits.

Even the few pics I took at night came out.  But one mistake, we didn't know that there would be fireworks over the lake - both dogs went beserk and we had to work really hard to keep them calm during the short fireworks display, since we couldn't get away from them at all...

 But they survived and were rewarded with kettle korn popcorn - they loved that! Now we know that they do fireworks during this outside show, so we won't be going to that again.  And I had even gone online to find out info about it to see if we could bring the dogs....
At least I got some cute pictures and Halloween costumes for
next year for our furbabies, as well as some valuable dog socialization.

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