Saturday, November 26, 2011

Say Hi to our new furbaby/Inu's new sister!

 Here is our new sweet furbaby, Tootsi - she is 3 years old, which is the same age as our furbaby, Inu.  Tootsi is a mini-Australian Shepherd "red" and white with one blue eye and one brown eye.  I posted some pics of her two 8-week old puppies last week.

We picked Tootsi up on Thanksgiving morning with our RV motorcoach - what a wonderful thing to be thankful for!  She sat on the floor between the seats all the way back home...

Okay, we had a tiny bit of water and some doggy kibble too...that
helped make the trip go faster!

 Tootsi looks over at Inu, who is in the front seat, since I decided to sit on the couch (the couch has 3 seat belts in it!)

Inu is being the perfect model of calmness.

 She shows Tootsi how to chill out!

We spent more time in the RV the next day too and Tootsi got
to try out her new soft doggy mat.

 She discovered that the couch was the perfect height to
look out the window.

Tootsi found out that it was a lot more fun to look out the RV window with her new sibling!  They are almost the same size and when we went on our walks today, Inu and Tootsi even walked alongside each other matching their trotting - looking for bunnies!

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