Sunday, November 20, 2011

Doggy bliss - Is there such a thing as dognip?

 I had to share some cute, funny pictures I took on the walk I did this week
with our furbaby, Inu....

There is a big back common yard behind us and there have been times when I can't help but wonder if dognip is growing there - you know, like catnip, but for dogs - ?
 But this time I had my cell phone with me so I could take pictures of our dog being silly - she sniffs something really great in the grass and has to roll and frolic in it....

I looked and looked, but I couldn't see anything there that would be so delightful to her - didn't smell anything either.

 It sure must be awfully good to a dog though - Inu would sniff it,
dig her nose into it, roll her head in it, then try to roll her whole
body in it LOL.

 I never knew a dog that could do such acrobatic antics just
because of a wonderful odor!

 Doesn't she look like it is absolute bliss for her?!

 Just leave me here for a while and I'll keep on enjoying it...
over and over.

 Inu doesn't want to leave yet!

 Aww please mom, can't we stay just a little bit longer?? 
How can you resist that cute face?

 Okay Inu, we can stay longer!

 So Inu gets to roll around and around again...

 Ummm, just smell that wondorous odor...

 I'm almost done, I think....

Just one more time...

Okay mom, I'm ready to leave now....I think we must have spent 15 minutes playing in that section of grass, and laughing at her! 
Naw, we don't spoil our dog...

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  1. there iS a little park near my house. my beagle acts the same way. he apparently reacts to a tiny single weed growing in the grass. i could never determine the plant responsible. The dog just goes nuts!
    frank, easton pa



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