Monday, November 21, 2011

Cute puppies and a birthday

 Isn't this puppy just a cutie?   His name is Casper and he is 7 weeks old.  We went to visit him and his mini-Australian Shephard brother, Panda this week...We will be adopting their mother, Tootsi, this week!

 Casper and his brother, Panda, are also part Corgi, and these breeds are smart and fast.  Right now they are just adorable fluffy balls of fur.

 You can see that Casper has longer legs than Panda, and
he is interested in everything.

 They both found my husband's sneaker toes really yummy to chew on!

Panda has shorter legs and loves people; you can see here the cute little tail Casper has, but Panda doesn't have much of a tail...

 Both of them have black, white, tan, and red colors in them.

 Casper has the blue eyes with white eyelids and Panda has
dark eyes and eyelids.

 We brought little pieces of baked chicken with us and they loved it...
It is our furbaby, Inu's, favorite food too.

 This adorable little pup is Panda.

Casper discovered his reflection in the sliding glass door!

 And I had a birthday this month - my hubby knows I love red velvet cake, and got a big one for me!!  Yummy!!

And a dear sweet friend surprised me with a mini-rose plant - I'm taking good care of it and it has five red mini-roses that have bloomed so far. 

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