Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lots of carrots made using petal cone diecut and our "carrot" dog

As part of the celebration of National Nutrition Month (March), and since I have been seeing what sort of projects I could make with my new Stampin' Up petal cone diecut, I wanted to try making a nutritional project with it:
Here is what I made!

How do you like them carrots?!

I used orange Stampin' Up designer series paper, both current and retired.  I did the carrot tops first, before I glued the 2 carrot sections together, as it was easier to work with it while it was flat. 
This is when I also glued the pompom trim on some of the carrots using the red sticky tape.

The green tops were a circle that was cut in half...but before I glued them on, I cut a strip of green about 3" x 6" and glued that on for the curly top.

After the curly top and circles were glued on and holes punched in the top for the green ribbon, I cut narrow lines down the 6" strip.  Then I used my bone folder to curl them, like curling thin ribbon.

Once the strips were curled, I was then able to curl them even more with my fingers, so I could vary the curliness of them. Then I put a 13" thin ribbon in the holes and knotted it.  I only needed to have one curly strip on one side of the carrot top.  When the top was closed I pushed the green ribbon between the curly strips to hold it the top closed.

Since Stampin' Up's designer paper is reversible, you can see how pretty the carrots look inside when you open them up! 

Wouldn't some Easter grass, jellybeans and Easter peeps look cute in these?

Speaking of orange, here is an awesomely adorable picture of our furbaby Inu!!  One of our dog agility classmates does photos of dogs, and she invited us to come to her studio for a photo shoot.

Just look at that cute face and big brown puppy eyes! Inu was soooo good, and had a blast playing with the other 4 dogs that there there....You might think it was complete chaos in a studio with 4 dogs, but since they all do some type of dog agility or training, they all played together really well! 

Inu had to take an extra long nap the next day lol!

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