Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Easter jellybean treat bag - transformed!

In my earlier post where I showed the carrots made from Stampin' Up's petal cone diecut, you might have seen the bunny treat bags I made at the same time....lots of them! 

I put sugar-free (therefore, lower calorie!) Jelly Belly jellybeans in them (they come in yummy flavors) along with some easter grass.  My favorite flavor of Jelly Bean jelly beans is buttered popcorn, so none of that flavor made it into these bags! The bag was topped off with a top note diecut and bunny pic glued on a colored scallop circle.

If you need several quick and easy treat bags, the top note diecut and scallop punch will do the trick.  But I decided I wanted to dress up the jellybean bags for Easter.  So I added some embellishments on the treat bag, and voila, it was transformed!

I put stitching lines around the ends of the top note diecut and bunny circle, and made a butterfly - it is really 3 butterflies where the sides are glued together, so it looks like a fluttering butterfly!

Then I used one of Stampin' Up's mini-flower punches where you get 3 flowers at a time, so it was easy to punch out 6 in matching colors with the butterfly.  The mini-flower layers were scrunched up and uncrumpled two times; then a little brad was inserted through a hole in the flower centers.

 Here's a "before" and "after" picture of the treat bags - all ready and dressed up for Easter!  I remember when my sister and I were young, my mother always made us new outfits for Easter; then we got new shoes, socks (usually kneesox since it was still cold at Easter time in Minnesota!!) and a new straw hat. We would get new white gloves and purses - my mother even made us matching lightweight wool coats sometimes. Then on Easter day we would stand outside the house in our new matching outfits, shivering in the cold, posing for pictures!! 

I have memories of a beautiful pale yellow coat she made one year, and one year she bought me a hot pink wool cape - it was a yummy color, but since it didn't have any pockets, I hand sewed red pockets on the inside lol.

And I still have the little white flowers in the vase, which look like I just picked them, even though they are 2 days old now....and they still smell wonderful (I just went and checked to see if they did!)

I think I will use this project in the class I am doing next month - I have 12 bags that need to get dressed up and then everyone will have their own fancy jellybean bag! 
So what are your memories of Easter?  Besides the Easter baskets and

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  1. SO cute & simple! WILL need to make some of these! TFS!



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