Friday, March 25, 2011

Iris folding cards; Easter purse card and hat; fancy fold card

I have been intrigued by the Iris Folded technique, but never tried it on my own - just looked at pictures and directions on how to do it.  It seemed simple enough...but I finally got to learn how to do the iris folded technique with some ladies who had done it before, so I had lots of help!   Here are the 3 cards we made.

Here is a closeup of the 3 iris folded cards, where the folded paper can be seen more clearly (the blue "pleats" in the center of the cards).

The "hole" design is cut out of the center of the paper, then you adhere the little pieces of folded strips from the back.  In these cards we started on the outside and worked our way in.  And although folding all the little paper strips can be tedious, it is not difficult to put together the intricate-looking pleated design - virtually impossible to mess up!! 

One of the ladies told me that one of the best inexpensive sources of great paper to use for the pleated iris folding are the insides of long legal-sized envelopes; you know those envelopes that you either get in the mail or buy and have a design inside of them so you can't see what is inside them.  So I have started looking at the insides of the envelopes of all the junk mailings I get...and used to throw away! 

These are a couple more of the cards we made a couple weeks ago using other brands of stamps and punches, and even fabric daisies you can get on sale in fabric departments...

Making these cards made me realize other sources of things you can recycle for cards and papercrafts.

I can just see making similar type of projects with Stampin' Up products since I wouldn't have to worry about the colors not matching because I am too lazy to do all the work shopping to match them up lol.  Now I have at least one Easter card ready to send to someone too!!  This got me started with making more Easter projects, which I'll be posting.  After all, Easter is only a month away...Better get hopping - ha!

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