Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some more new things on my new blog background-I'm having fun

Well, now that I have been able to change my blog background, etc., I had to find out how to share a couple more things in the sidebar....First, I learned how to add the .pdfs for the new and retiring Stampin Up colors.  Then I was able to add info about their great clearance rack - you can buy products on it through me, as a demonstrator, even cheaper than I can with my discount.  Although they are retired/discontinued, but you know you can find lots of things to use them for.  And lastly, I posted a new pic of our furbaby sitting in front a beautiful display of petunias - it smelled really good there when I was taking her picture.  I still feel somewhat intimidated by the blog stuff you can get the "code" for and use, but I just keep reading, reading, reading, and some of it must be sinking in lol.   Inu will be celebrating her 2nd birthday next month, so we got her an early birthday present - a plastic baby pool!  Haven't put any water in it yet, but did put a few of her toys in it so she would get used to it and associate fun things with it....pictures of that in future posts! Thanks for stopping in - I still want a cool signature line so will be working on that.

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