Monday, April 12, 2010

Doggy friends; turquoise sombrero; our neighborhood ducks

Funny how if you have a dog, you gravitate towards friends who have dogs too....such has been our life since we got our little furbaby.  Here is one of her friends modeling the cute turquoise sombrero her owners got while on an RV trip to Mexico - she has the most gorgeous blond hair and is such a sweetie.  I can imagine combing it and dressing her up in hair ribbons, bows, etc. Ha, but I don't think her owners would let me.  Our Inu's hair is not quite long enough to put bows in it, and her fur/hair is too silky to keep them in, like baby hair. 

When we were out for one of our walks, we were able to get really close to the ducks that visit the little lakes here, so that I could take some pics:

Now if we could get close enough to touch one of them....Inu would be beside herself - would be good practice for proofing her distractability and attention lol.

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