Friday, April 16, 2010

A baby bunny for our furbaby - NOT

I finally got my pics off my cell onto my computer....there were 136 of them and 4 flix!  I keep forgetting to take them off until I have no more picture room on my cell phone.  I don't use my cell phone for talking on the phone, but use it for pictures, videos, instant messaging/texting, music and especially the calendar to keep track of what I have to do everyday - you know, like those appointment books you used to WRITE in, but now we can put into our cell phone calendars.  Being able to do that makes me feel younger lol.  When I switched the pictures onto my computer, I saw some I had to share.  There were some overgrown green things in the porch/courtyard where we are now - it took my husband several times to cut them down, and down, and then take them out entirely.  Here is what they looked like before they finally got removed - our furbaby had a blast checking them out because she found little critters in them.
See her tail on the left side?  Now that this area is it only dirt, guess she will just have to dig holes!  Anyway, one of the times she was exploring in the shrubs, she found this:

Good thing my husband rescued this baby bunny before our furbaby Inu played with it.  She was pretty fascinated with it so we did some introductions:

She liked it....

Of course she wanted to play with it...but we wouldn't let her.

Instead, we had Inu pose for a picture with the baby bunny before we let him go in a safe spot - now is this self-control or what?

Good girlie Inu!

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