Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cards for card club; pet show with dogs

We had our summer monthly cardmaking club meeting this week and I had the ladies make these 3 cards I designed, using Stampin Up items, both current and retired.  I gave the new Stampin Up catalog to everyone who came too.

Everyone oohed and ahhed at the edgelits embossing folders used on the chair card (fancy fancy) and yellow flower card! 

Here is a picture of my setup for taking the pictures of my cards, which is a corner on one of my closet shelves....Can you see my fancy camera holder right in front of the cards?

Here is a closeup of that fancy camera holder - a recycle plastic container of Pupcorn, now used to holder fancy cutting scissors!!  LOL 

I showed the group how cool it was to do watercoloring with Stampin Up's blender pen and inkpads on the cupcake card - so easy and looks super great with little bit of effort and ink.

I wanted to share some pictures of our furbabies at the pet event we took them too - it was inside a huge convention center and was totally air-conditioned - this was really great because here in AZ it was about 95 degrees that day and as usually, sunny, sunny, sunny.  Tootsi posed for a picture with her daddy...

Her daddy is wearing one of those Thunder jackets which are suppose to help with calming an anxious dog - you can tell he still doesn't like this situation; see how his ears are back, his little tail down, and he won't look at us?  Tootsi is so low key, as long as her people are with her, she is fine.

See her daddy's pretty blue eyes?  Tootsi got one of them, but as is standard for mini-Aussies, her other eye is brown.

 We visited the rescue group that we got our little Tootsi from - standing next to a regular sized Aussie, you can see how Tootsi is a mini-version - there are mini-mini versions of Aussies too that are smaller than Tootsi.  They are both looking up at a treat that is being held over their heads!

 The rescue Aussie is smelling the doggy treats my husband has in his shorts pocket!  LOL  Tootsi is sniffing the box of doggie treats we bought!! 

Lots of people and dogs at this pet show!  One more thing we did at the pet show - can you see Tootsi and Inu standing by their daddy in the distance middle of the pic?  They are all standing in line waiting to get free nail clippings.

Inu got to go first, and since dogs can be somewhat wiggly getting their nails clipped, daddy held her.  What a cute doggy apron the clipper man is wearing! 

Now Inu is turning away hoping the man will stop or go away!  If I ignore him, maybe he will get the hint, she thinks...

Inu has to check to see when he is going to get done; hurry up!  Actually the man is quite speedy!!

Now it is Tootsi's turn and as usual, she is nicely behaved and holds very still. 

The man finishes up with the front paws because those are the ones that most dogs don't have many problems with sitting still to get trimmed...

 Tootsi moves her head to check and see where I am!

Tootsi gives me this look that says "hey mom, do you see what they are doing to me?!  I could use some help here!!"


Finally both dogs are done (actually it was less than 10 minutes for both) and we move away from that place - Tootsi is very relieved and gives dad a kiss to tell him she is ready to go home now!  

We took them to the Dairy Queen to reward them for being soooo good, where they got their free pup cups of vanilla soft serve!  Did you know you can get a little free cup of ice cream for your doggie at Dairy Queen?  Our furbabies go crazy when they realize we are going through the Dairy Queen drive-thru!

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