Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween - costumes and cards

 Wow, it's the last day of October 2011 already - I know my neice and nephew twins are having a birthday....and it's HALLOWEEN!! 

I will always remember the fun times I had taking my sons out trick or treating - I always put together their halloween costumes and was room parent for their classes...And when they had a halloween party,
I had to volunteer! 

So here is one of the scrapbook pages I put in my son's graduation scrapbook.  He was Blue, a cowboy, and even the grim reaper. 
Yeah, that was when he got older.

Thought I would share some halloween cards other folks have made. 
If they had a watermark on their card's pic, you can even go to
their blog for a closeup/details. 

Hope you have fun if you do any trick or treating halloweeny activities - and be sure to buy halloween candy when it goes on sale!! 
Those new carmel/apple flavored candy corns are super yummy!

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