Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall dog decorations and a card

We got a few new dog decorations at the home and garden show last weekend, so put them up with my fall and halloween decorations.  Couldn't decide if I wanted the little dog or the big dog, so just got both! 

Here is the cute chichaua we got too
- these are suppose to be plant pot holders but of course, I don't have any surviving plants to put in
them lol.

We got the chichaua to send to my sister-in-law for her birthday later this month, as she has one named Missy and just adores her.

This is the other little dog plant decoration we got - I put this one outside our front door where the other fall/halloween decorations are.

Look at that cute face - almost as cute as our furbaby Inu!

The little dog looks great with the other decorations - the orange flowers are silk flowers, but I actually do have one plant that is living and I haven't killed it yet.  I don't have a green thumb at all so am always surprised when any of my plants live more than a
couple months! 

See the wine bottle in that plant's pot?  Maybe that is why it is surviving the Arizona heat lol!  Actually it doesn't have wine in it....!!  I put water in it and put it in the pot upside down and it saves me having to water it every day.  Now I only have to do it once a week. 

I tried doing this with smaller bottles, but with the bigger wine bottle lasts longer.  It was more fun for my husband to empty this bottle so I could use it as a plant waterer even though it doesn't look as fancy as those watering decorations you can buy for your plants!

I also made some cards this week - I love the colors in this card.  Poppy parade (Stampin Up), along with the lace border punch and daisy diecut.  The red paper that the lace border was a texturized cardstock from a different company - the scrap of it seemed to pick up the reddish colors in the daisy patterned paper, which is the reverse side of a Stampin Up designer paper. 

We kinda miss the fall foliage that is nonexistent here, but with just a 2-hour drive north we can see some fall colors, so might get to do that before the end of the month.  And we still are having some 100 degree days and lots of blue sunny skies. 

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