Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Watercoloring techniques; pooch pool party

There are so many wonderful ways to watercolor cards, etc. with the products that Stampin' Up has....so I did a class to improve my weak watercoloring skills.  Here is one of the cards I made in it - this is one of the stamps in the Countryside stamp set.  When I showed it to my husband, even he was impressed!  I wonder if the fact that it was a picture of a TRUCK that he liked lol.  Here are a couple more pictures of my card:

I used the aqua painter pen and blender pen on this card - The design was developed by Diana Gibbs, who is really good at watercoloring.  It is so much fun watercoloring; kinda feels like when I was a kid and colored in coloring books, which I loved!  I could just sit and watercolor while I am watching TV now, right?  As long as our furbaby Inu doesn't get jealous and want to sit in my lap....

Speaking of Inu, we went to a pooch pool party this weekend and I used my cell phone to take pictures of all the dogs there.  That keep me busy, there was so much for the dogs to check out, besides the pool.  It was so cool to see all the dogs get along and not one dog disagreement...The dogs were beautiful and you can tell they are loved and well taken care of by their owners...Here are some pics of dogs having fun:

For one of the dogs, it was her first time at a pool - she was enticed by the ball in the pool:
It was just too tempting, and she finally got in to get that ball and learned to swim....you could see how she improved each time she swam after that - very graceful!  Wish I could learn to swim that easily and that well....

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  1. LOVE your watercolored truck card! The Pool Party looks wonderful too! I'm GREEEN with envy!



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