Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Foil lined envelopes; another skirt card (with cherries!); how much is that doggy in the window..(new hamster toy).

I wanted to use some more of those pretty foil-lined envelopes I had bought, and since my niece's birthday was coming up, I decided to make her a birthday card that would coordinate with it. I was able to use some of that pretty retired designer paper by Stampin' Up, as well as the polka dotted ribbon....since she just moved to Washington D.C. for a nursing job, I thought of how pretty it is there when the cherry blossoms bloom in the spring (or was that Japan - Sakura?). When I measured my skirt card pattern it seemed like it would fit in the envelope, but when the card was done, it didn't :-((   So you can see I got creative, and folded the envelope to fit the card!!  I put some little bubble wrap around it too, since I have had pretty good luck sending that through the mail.
Here is another picture of the set:

And a picture of the envelope, which is kinda blurry:

And a scanned picture of the skirt card so you can see the details much better:

Can you see the little red cupcakes by the cherries?  I stamped those on so it would be more birthday-like. That cupcake stamp, the punch for the blue flower on the pocket, twine tie on the button, and cherry cobbler edging is all current Stampin Up - so this card is a "hybrid card" right?  I love that the Stampin Up designer papers are usually reversible, so your project looks pretty inside too, and you can use that part on other sections-here I made the little pocket out of it.

Our furbaby is sitting by me, having just eaten a toilet paper roll she found in the bathroom....after I chased her around for 10 minutes, I figured she earned the prize.  Here is a picture of her peeking out of the blinds to the back porch - reminded me of that song How Much is That Doggy in the Window (Patti Page I think?)

Ain't she cute?  Here another picture of her - I am showing her a new toy, which is one of those battery powered hamsters.

No that's another dog on the left - it's a stuffed life-sized one that Inu "plays" with...So now I turn on the hamster and put it  in the plastic ball it came with, and the hamster makes the ball move from inside.

I put it on the floor to show Inu how it works, and made her sit and watch it...

You can be sure she wants to go after it, but she is a well-trained doggy. With all this anticipation, when Inu was released to go after her new toy, it didn't take long for her to get the ball apart!

She was pretty fascinated by how the hamster felt in her mouth with those little wheels going, almost like it was real...

The hamster is still "alive" today and sometimes pops out of drawers when you least expect it - the ball didn't make it though!  Gotta love your furbaby.
And thanks for all the comments everyone has left!!

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