Thursday, August 19, 2010

RAK received - my first!

When I picked up my mail yesterday, there was a box for me, from my first and only customer....Inside the box amidst red tissue paper, look what I found!  My first RAK received in the mail....I was thrilled and amazed at the details and work Lynne put into this for me.  So I have to show them off here!  Closeup of the lion matchbook, what was inside, and the owl card:

The M & Ms disappeared rather quickly...!  I have grown to love that 2-step owl punch too - I have to get it for myself!  Look at what else I received: 
This was really clever how she repurposed a tin can!  And it's all mine....well, actually I shared some of the candy.  And this was something for both me and our furbaby - if you have a dog, you will recognize it immediately:
Isn't that cute - Pink embroidery (I (heart) my Inu) and matching pink doggy bags - and I loved the purple clip at the top (purple has been my favorite color for years).  I had to take the doggy bags out to check out the inside and examine Lynne's handiwork, since I sew too:
I can even put it on my keyring!  Now my husband has one and I have one....I sure appreciate the thought and work she put into all these....I put them on the shelf above my computer keyboard, so when I am sitting there and thinking what to type, etc., I am inspired!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Lynne!!

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