Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stampin Up Leadership in Orlando

I was able to go to my very first Stampin Up Leadership convention in Orlando, Florida, so I was gone from Jan. 9 through Jan. 13th - Here are some pictures from Leadership!

 Our fearless leader, Shelli Gardner, who made several appearances despite the fact that she was super sick with that flu-like awfulness that has been going around - how can someone look so cute when you have several coughing fits on stage and a hoarse voice?!  We all wanted to just give her a hug!

 See how excited the audience is - we all just received a prize from the infamous prize patrol!

 Sara is Shelli's daughter, and she looks just as cute too!  Love her shoes!!

 Yep, we all got another prize from the prize patrol!!

And of course we had to check out several great restaurants around the Convention Center - I was so fortunate to be with Diana's group who knew some awesome ones to go to!  My favorite part was all the delicious desserts, yum!  Gotta keep our energy up for all the walking we have to do lol.  And the weather was fabulous.
More Leadership pictures coming up later this week...

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