Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Valentines Day is coming - Online classes - Free preview and chance to win a pass to them!


Gee it seems like I just got done with Christmas stuff and starting 2012 and here come the holidays again....It's a good thing when you are doing cardmaking on a regular basis because then you get frequent reminders about the next holiday that is just around the corner.  So that should make you more organized and able to get some cards made and sent in time, right?  Sometimes that works!

Now if you sign up for online cardmaking classes, you don't even have to go anywhere at any special time!  They are super convenient and so good if you can't remember everything you learn at a class, since you can play the instructions over and over and over...Click on the flashing icon above to find out more about them.

Not only is it preview week for So Stampalicious' Valentines Day online classes, but it is also early bird to save $$, and if you go to Cristena's post today and leave a comment, you will be enrolled into the raffle to win a free pass!  I sure did that - I was the first one to comment.  Yeah, I know, the first one never wins....but one time I actually did win being the first one!  You can be the 2nd, or 3rd or 4th, etc.

This is one of the easy and cute projects in this class - adorable pink felt fortune cookies!  Think of the fun notes you could put inside these, and how you could embellish them...

Since there is a new mini-catalog for Stampin Up, there will be projects using some of the new products in it - YUM!  I used to think you could only really use hearts for Valentines Day, recently I am realizing you can use them anytime of the year - Just like I used to wonder why anyone would buy Halloween or Christmas clothing that you can only wear one time during the year.  My thoughts have changed on that, since I've been more interested in making cards, etc.!! 

Now the challenge is, how can I use my holiday-related crafting stuff so it can be changed for other holidays, or birthdays, thank you cards, etc.!!  Is this the next stage to becoming addicted to cardmaking??!


Here is Cristena's blog so you can look at the previews of the So Stampalicious Valentines Day online classes all during this week - Just might make you want to try them!  You get lifetime access to them!!

And if you really think about it, with lifetime access to an online class, you can revisit it again next year, and the year after that, etc.!!!

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