Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A calendar, 2 cards and more new dog pics Tootsi

I made a little calendar and 2 cards to share with my community's stamping group.  Most of the items used for these are Stampin Up. 
Here are some closeups:

 This is a little chipboard calendar with deer silhouettes diecut - I put a shabby chic ribbon through two holes in the top so it could be hung up, instead of using a magnet backing like the ones I did for my Christmas cards.  Gee, it's January already so you have to take the first
calendar page off!!

This mustard and daffodil card was cased from one of Diana Gibb's - I just love those little dress forms and that Stampin Up lace punch!

 This was retired Stampin Up grey cardstock that we embossed the front with Stampin Up vintage wallpaper as well as adding a strip of wide pink grosgrain ribbon.  The Flirtatious designer paper comes with 2 sheets of lace doilies that I cut up and used the white side. 

Then we made 2 rosettes with the same designer paper - there is definitely a learning curve with this!  One of the ladies had made these before and she just zipped right through them!!  Guess I need to practice more - I had them glue a circle on the back of the rosette, because then you could adjust the pleats without them falling apart - lol. 
Yep, I can see how they can be addicting!

And here are some pics I took at Inu's most recent dog agility event where we brought our new dog, Tootsi.  People have been telling us she is a cute puppy, but she is 3 years old!

Just so you can see what a barrel of energy Tootsi is - she is wiggling
all the time and reminds me of a new baby!

Hard to get a non-blurry picture of I have to take a lot!!

This is Tootsi's fancy flower collar and new purple leash
(it's a Martindale leash)

Gee Tootsi, be still for a few seconds so I can get a decent pic! 
Where are those treats when you need them?

There goes that little head of  hers, with a wiggly tail to match
(it's a really small cute tail)

More wiggling...

Finally Tootsi looks at me and I get lucky enough to get a quick shot - darn those red photo eyes!  You can sort of see her one brown eye and one blue eye - that's a trait of her breed the mini-Australian dogs. 

My husbands loves talking about her and calling her our mini-Aussie.  I bet he would say she barks with an Aussie accent too lol.
She has great promise for agility already!!  You should see her jump straight up like popcorn!  If I can ever get a pic of her hopping....!!

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