Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cards and pics from last 2 weeks MIA

Yes I have been neglecting my blog for the past TWO weeks - my bad....but I had a good excuse!  We were RVing for two weeks, to Utah and Colorado, and other places in between there and here.  At campgrounds the internet connections are usually sporadic and often dropped.

Being in the truck for 5-8 hours a day is exhausting, especially if you have an anxious, panicky dog on your lap for much of the time lol.  Even with calming tablets, lavender essence smelling oils, and drops in her water, our poor furbaby was stressed either from the fast noisy highway traffic or the air-conditioning in our RV ceiling. She was convinced there was a monster up there coming to get her.
She was happiest at the campgrounds that had a grassy site where she could sit under the picnic table, especially if the weather was cooler than it is here in Arizona (that means 90 or cooler). Tasty food treats were a big help for her too!!

I just showed you some of great swap cards I received lately - dogs, cats, and doily/lace cards - aren't they beautiful?  Since my craft room is undergoing major construction, much of my stuff is not where it usually is, or in our bedroom. My hubby is building some shelves, cabinets, etc. so this is a great time to really get my room organized and set up in an awesome way. 

Want to see some of our pics from the trip??


Whew, I am tired just looking at pics of everything we did....wait, there was more!  I went to the Stampin Up Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah for 3 days!!  Well, those pics are in a folder all by themselves and will have to wait - still trying to catch up on my rest from our vacation (and mail).

Have you ever had a vacation where you were glad to be back home to rest from it?!  lol

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  1. Glad to see your vacation photos & I am sure it's exciting to get a new craft room! I'm kinda trying to "restart" my space... it's not easy! Thanks for showing off my swap card! I've got a great hybrid MDS card to share with you next! -Kathy in Missouri



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