Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stampin Up Convention bound (first time!); dust storm

Well monsoon season started June 15th here in Arizona....but we've not seen much rain!  However, we have been getting some high winds, so all that dust and dirt in the desert gets blown around, big time.  Here is a good picture of the one we had last week.  We got home just before it came down our street....reminded me of a blizzard with all that snow blowing around and you can't see a thing.

And my home desktop computer finally died, which means I couldn't use the scanner either...So don't have any pictures to post right now (current ones anyway...)  Hope to have the scanner up and running soon so can scan some cards I made this week. 

But even better, I am heading to the annual Stampin Up Convention in Salt Lake City this week!  Yup, we are going in our RV and with our furbaby (she is loving the new smells lol). It will be my first time and it is suppose to be awesome, with lots of new ideas and fun.  Since the new Stampin Up catalog just came out, I am looking forward to new projects!  BTW, have you gotten a chance to see the new catalog?  Check it out on the side of my blog!!

Hope to be able to share some more exciting things from Salt Lake City in a couple days, so check back later this week, OK?

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  1. You will have a blast at convention! Looking forward to seeing you there...



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