Monday, June 13, 2011

My Digital Studio photobook for graduation 3 more pages

Here are 3 more pages of the My Digital Studio photobook I have been working on for the past month...sorting and organizing 18 years' worth of pictures in boxes and on my computer.  The photobook is for my son's graduation this weekend.
This page features photos of him and his older brother.

This page has some of the creative designs my son has done over the past 18 years - he really likes making things, and taking them apart to make them even better!  He calls it "modding."

My son also likes to play golf - you can see he started it at a very young age.  We usually find a mini-golf course to try out where ever we go!! 

I learned a lot doing this project, as it was my first really big project with My Digital Studio.  More pages coming....

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