Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our furbaby first "haircut"!

A couple weeks ago I gave our furbaby a bath, and her neighbor dog friend, Truffles, too. 
Here is a picture of Truffles just after her bath, still slightly damp. 
 Today we took both dogs to have their haircut....or would I say furcuts?

Here is Inu after her furcut - they put a little yellow kerchief on her...

Truffles got a pink kerchief!  Gee, the dogs look so different...

Here Inu is telling us all about her first furcut experience....
Seems she wasn't too crazy about the whole thing!

But Truffles is a pro and told Inu she had better get used to it, and that it is much cooler now that it's summer! 

Truffles enjoyed posing for her post-furcuts....guess some of her composure rubbed off on Inu.

Already Inu is posing for her pictures again - no way was she gonna let another dog upstage her!

I told Inu she looks much slimmer now and you can see that she has lost 1.5 lbs!  And she smells so fresh and clean too!  After some special petting and a couple treats, Inu said she feels pretty good, and even though she didn't like that we left her there for a couple hours, sure appreciated that she had Truffles' company to help her!

Don't you think the dogs look sleek and chic?!  Gotta love those furbabies!

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