Thursday, October 9, 2014

Inexpensive bathroom redecoration in ombre gray tones

 Although one of our full bathrooms is a little smaller, we were able to fit some shelves above the toilet and there are also shelves under the sink - but it is an older bathroom....

 I got two of the pretty bathmats to put on the floor and also had the matching towel sets, and loved them....
 But this bathroom gets used a lot and the shower has glass doors and the overhead lighting is somewhat outdated, but probably won't be able to change these for quite a while due to the expense.

I did put some cute handmade pics up in it but recently am tired of our old looking bathroom....

When I saw this ombre shower curtain, I really liked the gray tones,but didn't know how I could use a fabric shower curtain with the glass shower windows.  And knew I would have to change the colors in the bathroom too.  Gray is the "in" color now, so I started planning what I could do to use this in this older we were having company in a week!  When the ruffled curtain went on sale, I immediately bought one...

To use this curtain we just got a tension rod and put it above the glass doors and it looked great!

I had to buy some new accessories in the new colors as well - rugs and toilet cover:

New towels...the wicker wastebasket and small wicker basket I already used still matched, and I was glad that all the colors went well with the flooring....

And I found we had a cute gray bunny that I put behind the wicker wastebasket, and a gray and white kleenex box as well!!

I thought the bathroom felt like a new bathroom!  
Going to be using this new color gray for a while!

Do you find just changing out the colors in your bathrooms make it feel newer, fresher, and even cleaner too?!

P.S.  Got the ruffled curtain at 
 (they have white and a few other colors too)

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