Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Copictopia card sketch #CASC6 - free digi stamp and sepia coloring

It's time for another great card sketch design #CASC6 at Copictopia, and in the spirit of fall and Halloween, I decided to use a cat!  Meow...

This digi stamp is "Sasha" - you can get her at Copictopia:  http://copictopia.com/downloads/kitty-krazy-collection-sasha/

I decided to flip this digital stamp as well as the card sketch - halloween tricks LOL.  And wanted to try coloring Sasha with a copic alcohol ink marker technique I've been wanting to try - Sepia.  I found a helpful sepia copic coloring posting by Allison Cope that I followed and used these copic markers:

E42, E50, E53, E55, E57, E59, and the colorless marker (for highlighting and making some "fur").  I also used a Spica marker in brown in the dark shadows for some more "fur" dots.  Here is how my Sasha came out:

She is popped up with glue dots and napping on a rug that was made from kraft paper - see the little fringey edges of the rug?  You can't have a home without at least one furbaby....my first furbaby was a cat that I named Muffy, and she was my baby for many long years.  

While I had her I found out I was allergic to cats, but couldn't part with her, so elected to have allergy shots.  That is real love for a furbaby, and I would do the same in a heartbeat with our now dog furbabies if I had to...!!

Here are a few close-up pictures of Sasha in the sepia technique:

I was moving my light source around so that is why the colors appear different in several of the photos!  

Sasha is part of another project I did for a blog hop that will be on Nov. 1, so be sure to check back then to see the whole project, OK ?

Does she make you want to pet her?!   I used some plastic crayons to color the rag rug, and inked the edge of the "fringe." 


You can go to copictopia.com to get Sasha as a free digi stamp.  There is also a whole set of adorable cats, the Kitty Krazy Collection.  Since they are digital stamps, you can resize them, rotate them, and mix them up!  Check out the other digital stamp collections there, as well as the newest ones that are spooky/halloween themed: 
Don't forget to come back on November 1 for the rest of the Sasha project and blog hop!


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