Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow?! in OUR yard? Bow technique class

 This week we had an unusual weather surprise and not one we have seen in our neighborhood since we have been living here in Mesa, AZ...a little bit of cold enough weather to give us some wet mushy snow!  Our front lawn was definitely covered with that white stuff...

 You can see it a little on our truck even though it was night-time...

 Can you see my footstep in the snow in this picture?

 The next morning it was totally gone but a little farther north of us they got much more....more than they usually see during the winter and there were quite a few accidents due to the snow.  Our dogs were not interested in the wetness at all, but if it was fluffy, I think my Inu would have tried to catch it!

 Here are some more cards done for a class this month where we focused on different kinds of bows.  All of the products used are current Stampin Up, except for the velvet ribbon bow and black lace in the two-tone bow.

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