Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb card class photos

 Wanted to share some pictures from my monthly cardmaking class this past weekend...Here are the 3 cards we made.  Everyone got a Valentine's Day treat bag with candies.  Maybe being able to see what was inside and anticipating the yumminess made them work faster, because almost everyone got done much sooner than they normally do!

 Since one of the cards was a chalkboard technique card, I set up a little table where they could do this technique and made a little chalkboard technique cheat board - see here?  Everyone loved doing this and none of the embossing powder got spilled or anything!  I really like that I can just erase my instructions and reuse the slate LOL

I made coconut macaroons with little hearts on them to eat, along with dark chocolate M & M's... 

 My furbaby Inu was hoping I would leave out some of the refreshments so she could check them out (again)...but she was a bad girl and figured out she could get on the top of our sofa and lean over it to eat 3 of my chocolate hazelnut pirouettes...So I didn't have enough for everyone to have one and had to put them up.  Guess that is one of the side hazards of having a smart dog agility dog...ha ha
Doesn't she look guilty here?!

My family grandmother (doll) came to my class too and met some friends!

Everyone always likes to check out my Stampin Up card tree - love that it holds so many cards!

See now the other furbaby Tootsi is following Inu around hoping she might get some crumbs!

Valentine napkins and my new little owl...(to use with my new Origami Owl brochures - check out my Origami Owl store on the left side of my blog OK? I made a dog living locket for myself!!)

And my mini-rose bloomed just in time for Valentine's Day!
If you place a Stampin Up order with me, you can get one of my handmade cards!  Better yet, buy what you need to make several of these cards in different colors!

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