Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

 Happy Mothers' Day to all of you who are mothers to humans or pets!
This is what I sent my mother....she loved them!
Since her birthday was this week, I also sent her a handmade birthday card and this perpetual birthday calendar:

 Well, this is what it looked like before I embellished it!  
Here is what the front of it looked like after I decorated
 and stamped it: (thanks to Diana!!)

I had to decorate the November page up special like...because you know that is the month of my birthday!

So what did you do to celebrate Mothers' Day?  

We are going to be a spectator at a nearby dog agility competition, as our Inu (furbaby) takes private and group lessons with her....we have been taking lessons from Anita ever since Inu was 5 months old and she just loves her!  We do too!  

I am loving taking private lessons from her but it is more work physically and mentally than I could think even having seen it since my hubby started off with being Inu's handler!  I just want to keep it fun for both me and Inu, since Inu does much better when it's fun....
don't we all?

Happy Mother's Day!

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