Sunday, April 8, 2012

Craft room progress pictures!

 I have finally gotten my craft room (that will double as a guest bedroom) to the point where enough of my crafting stuff is in it, the desk and shelves put up, so that last week I put together some cards at my new desk!  Here is my furbaby Inu loving it - she always likes to sit by me when I craft. 

I got a glass desk that I love - it really brightens up the room and gives the illusion of lots of space and room! 
Below is a picture of what it looked like in the catalog:

Such a difference in having a setup you like crafting in - here is what my desk area in the living room looked like - it was a door
with a tablecloth on it:

And see the difference?   I feel so much more organized when
I sit at my desk....:-)
Here are some more pictures of my room - although it is still an ongoing project in organizing everything that is still in our bedroom.  I decided to do what those room redesigners do on tv; they take everything out of the room and figure out where everything goes, and then put it all back in! Here are the shelves going into the room that my husband put together for me:

 I just love filling shelves up!  See I started playing with them already, and stuff got moved around from the glass cabinets to the shelves
and back again....

And I even got the curtains up in my room - remember the tulle
curtains I bought from IKEA? 

Here's what I did with them and the blue and white waterfall curtains (actually the curtains' colors are like Stampin Up's marina mist lol)

 That's a light grey satin ribbon and bow behind the tulle poufy flower.  My colors are shades of light/pale blues, pool party (another Stampin Up color), so saffron (pale yellow/Stampin Up) and grey.

I used 2 of the tulle curtains over the window and then 2 of them
were draped over my shelves.
I wanted to incorporate the shabby chic look, since my room isn't real big; the light colors and glass make it feel bigger. 

Here's how my room looked before in June 2010,
 then 18 months later in December 2011! 

And here are some more pics of  what happened to the rest of
the room this year:

And the white wire shelves that were in our bedroom got transformed...They became my "store" shelf of Stampin Up catalogs, order blanks, etc.

I still have some piles of crafting stuff to clean out and organize both in the middle of my craft room, on top of one of the cupboards, the closet, our bedroom, but at least I have a place where I can sit and enjoy crafting with my Inu!!

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