Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cards for a swap!

 I wanted to share a couple cards I made for a swap last week; the theme was Stripes - You can see the Stampin Up designer paper I used is striped and from the Everyday Enchantment paper set. 

In looking at my pictures I noticed you can't see the striped embossing I also put on the white cardstock!  ugh.  I made up a couple more cards based on this neat technique of using the blossom punch to make cutouts in the paper and then overlay it on the striped paper.

I didn't notice that my pictures weren't real clear because I was distracted playing with my new glass table - It was my first time actually making a card on my new table in my craft room
(still a work in progress but at least I can use it!). 
Isn't this cool how the cards are reflected in the glass??

 So I played with the lighting and different angles to see if this might be a good spot to take pictures of....BTW, the Everyday Enchantment designer paper was one of the free products you could earn from the Saleabrations catalog that just ended on March 31.  I also got the organdy ribbons and brads that matched it and used them on my cards.

The triple layer punch was used to punch out matching flowers and then scattered on the card fronts.  I will be posting a tutorial on how these cards were made.  And if you missed the opportunity to get some of this pretty paper and matching embellishments, you can get the non-striped shabby chic card free if you purchase $20 from my online store!

 Here is my sweet furbaby, she's a momma's girl and follows me all over, like some of your dogs do!  In this picture she looks bigger than her 19 lbs!  I have started doing dog agility with her as I took over being her handler from my husband in Jan.  My Inu was trained but I wasn't, so now I have to catch up to her!  When I do something right, she does just what she is suppose to do....we take weekly private and group lessons and go to practice at the nearby doggy gym a couple times a week. 

Yeah, you heard me right, a doggy gym!  We don't pay for fitness gym memberships but we buy a doggy gym membership for our Inu!  I can tell you that watching dog agility classes and lessons is quite different when you're doing them yourself!!  But it makes for fun and special times with my Inu - I had to learn to pick up your feet and run/jog once in a while!   Having really good footwear is important too.

Here is my new glass table that I made these cards on, all set up in front of the window in my craft room!  I am still working on organizing it and cleaning out and sorting stuff, but now it is more fun.  I'll be posting some before and after pictures!!  Well, actually they will be after-but-still-being-organized pictures!!

I almost forget to mention that Stampin Up is having a special sneak peek and buy on the Summer Smooches design items that will be in the new catalog this month.  Two of the items you can only get this month, and like the Saleabration items, once they are gone, you won't be able to get them.  Gee, I wonder what they do with all those items that they might have left over??  Hop over to my online store and see these cute products, OK?

Don't you just love that name, Summer Smooches??!! 
Just makes you smile to even say it...:-) 

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