Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers' Day gift - embellished potpourri ballet pointe shoe

Happy Mothers' Day to all moms out there! 

It is on these types of holidays that I wish I lived closer to my mom; she is on the east coast and I am on the west coast - not like I can just quickly get over to see her....I always make her a mothers' day card and often send her flowers.  This year I made something for her - she always appreciates handmade cards and gifts. She used to make most of my and my sister's clothes and I learned to sew from her, so I like to "pass it along!"

This year I purchased a few used ballet pointe shoes (we love ballet and took ballet when I was much younger, including ballet recitals) and I embellished one of them with lots of crafting/cardmaking/sewing scraps.  I took some pictures along the way which I wanted to share.  Here is what the pointe shoe looked like when I got it:

As you can see, there were a few worn spots that could stand to be embellished over.  The first thing I did was to hand sew pink lace around the opening - they sure make those shoes well; it wasn't easy to hand sew through the pink satin layers and especially around the front where the shoe is hardened.

I then put together pink crochet flowers and pink ribbons:

I sewed these 2 items together, and after adding a clear sparkly button on top of these, I sewed the whole thing to the back heel of the shoe so it covered up the scuff marks:

Next to cover up the lack of satin fabric on the toe, I made a pattern of the area and cut it out of pink lace, then glued it on the toe, and trimmed it.

Next I made a pattern of the insole and cut it out of a pretty pink calico, which I glued inside:

Using a mishmash of crochet and satin rolled flowers (pink and white ones that I dabbed in pink ink), I hot glued them on the top of the shoe, and also glued the elastic tie down.

I colored a few pearls with a pink sharpie and glued them by the flowers (since the hot glue didn't hold them, I had to reglue them with white glue!)

The final step was to make a tulle potpourri bag with a little bow (I used white cotton balls sprayed with fragrance inside):

I tucked this inside the shoe, and lastly, trimmed the satin ribbon ties to a size so it could be hung up:

I worked on this project for a few days while watching television and once I knew what embellishments I wanted to use, it went together nicely.  I posted the mothers' day card that I previously made to go along with this earlier, and I think they match well (I used Stampin' Up products which you can get in my online store at

Hope you had a pleasant Mother's Day!!

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