Friday, October 25, 2013

Inu and Tootsi go to Barktober Fest - dancing dogs?!

This past weekend we took our furbabies, Inu and Tootsi, to the Barktober Fest.  It was a beautiful day and they wore their new outfits - dancing tutus!  I had several fittings with them this past week to alter their outfits so they would be comfortable for them to wear lol.

Inu likes her dresses short so she wore this velvet and tulle ruffled dress - she doesn't like anything touching her tail or even near it!

Tootsi is more modest and is fine with dresses that are a little longer, so she wore the multi-ruffled dancing dress with bows:

But both girls were happy when we took off their outfits, not realizing what was coming up....they were doing fundraiser dog baths - good thing it was sunny and warm, so the dogs dried off pretty quickly.  I just had to make sure that Inu didn't roll in the grass or dirt until she completely dried off!

Inu said it was all worth it though, because she got to run the lure course FIVE times!  She fussed and fussed until she had her turns - waiting and anticipating was the hardest part!!  She sure ran fast around the course 3 times and 2 times in a row, and some people commented on how fast she was!
Now if I could only get her to run that fast on the dog agility course....assuming I could stay ahead of her and keep up!!

Here are some more of the awesome outfits that the other dogs dressed up in - they were the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners:

 Santa and a Christmas present

 Lamb (yes there is a dog underneath!)

 Chia pet

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