Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pictures of Spring Fling projects

Here are a few pictures of the many beautiful projects we made this past weekend at the Spring Fling that Diana and Rhonda planned, organized, and coordinated!!  Many of the items used to make these adorable fun projects used products from the current Stampin Up Saleabration catalog, and some from the regular catalog.

 I actually got all of the things made during the day too!  I usually don't get all the things made at events like this, but have learned that if I can get most of them done, and then try to finish them up that week at home, I won't forget what to do LOL I changed up a couple of projects already using some more of the leftovers when I was taking these pictures...

I even took a few notes, but was disappointed that the cool tablet we have that is a great hotspot and video/flix taker, doesn't do well with taking pictures where the lighting isn't optimal.  So most of the pictures that I took were not real clear, blurry, or completed whited out - I could tell what the picture was suppose to be because I was there, but am finding that the quality of the pictures taken with our tablet aren't much better than my cell phone pictures...

After showing the tablet's pictures to my husband, he remarked to me that it was probably time to get a decent camera!  Yay!!  If you want to see some much better pictures of these great projects, you can go to Diana Gibbs' blog, because she has a super camera and takes excellent photos...

And we took home a bunch of leftover Stampin Up product goodies!  Already I am inspired with some ideas using my leftovers....I can't decide which of these projects was my favorite, but I know that quite a few of these pretty colors will fit right in with my craft room, which continues to make slow progress.
I'll show you one of the projects I made based on my leftovers later this week and a couple pictures of the shelves and baskets I just got for my craft room!

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