Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last of the holiday decorations & lights

Hope you have been having a great holiday season thus far, and the last of the holidays as well as the new year are just around the corner....already!  So I thought I would share the pictures of our holiday lights and decorations, with a little help from our 2 furbabies, Inu and Tootsi.  They are some of our inspiration for our outside lights.  We live in Arizona where there is no snow and we don't miss it after 40+ years on the east coast, and it definitely makes it more pleasant putting up and taking down the outside decorations!!

We have 3 large dog light up lawn ornaments as well as a new addition at the top of Snoopy.  That is our indoor tree which we decided to put outside this year....since I am a crafter, of course I don't have traditional Christmas colors - my colors are purple and blue!

Here is our decorated front gate - can you see Inu peeking through it?

Here Inu and Tootsi are standing by the lawn dog ornaments that they inspired....pretty good girls to stand still long enough for me to take several photos, and without any treats either!


Tootsi (doesn't like that big dog next to her lol):

 Here are our Aflac ducks, large and small,  that we collect every year.  We would need a couple of shelves to display them all together if we did that!

What did Santa bring you and your furbabies?!

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