Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chocolate Treat Card - tutorial

I am so proud to present my one and only Stampin' Up downline, Elena Reylek's, chocolate treat card!  You can purchase all of the items for this yummy treat card in my online Stampin' Up store, except the little chocolate bar - you may have to hide the chocolates from your family if they are like my husband....I swear he can sniff out any chocolate I hide as he has a huge chocolate addiction that has to be fulfilled daily lol!

I know I will to be sure my husband doesn't realize that there is a chocolate bar in this....

And here is the link for the tutorial to this cute project that our upline, Diana, put together:


 Here is my online store where you can purchase the Stampin' Up items, or join my team of myself and Elena!

You can easily use other cardstock colors and design paper to make this awesome project for any other time of the year, stocking stuffers, gift toppers, party favors, or use other yummy treats!

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