Friday, May 6, 2016

Purple satin scrapbook for weddding

The last couple weeks I have been working on making a purple satin scrapbook for my son's wedding, which was in N.J. this past weekend.  It turned out to be a longer, more involved project than I had anticipated, since my old reliable Bernina sewing machine stopped working.  So it had to go into the shop and that was when I decided to get a backup sewing machine.  I looked at several models with good reviews and ordered a Janome.  

Between fussing with my Bernina (which came back fairly quickly and all cleaned up), and deciding what backup machine to get, ordering it online, and then setting it up and learning how to use it, it took me a while longer to finish this project.  Since the wedding colors were purple, gold, and white, I used gold trim (rickrack, ribbon), purple ribbon and flowers, and white lace for the scrapbook.

But I took pictures along the way and wanted to share them!

 Padding glued to outside of scrapbook

 Purple satin cut out to cover book and inside flaps, as well as a pocket for the front.

 Sewed ruffled lace around outside and flat lace along inside flaps and front pocket.

 Two kinds of purple ribbon gathered for front ruffle and purple flower on pocket.

 Gold rickrack added.

 Flowers made with purple ribbon, flowers, and lace appliques.

 Purple flowers and gold ribbon added.

 Gold, purple ribbon, and white flat lace ties added to book; gold photo corners inserted into pocket.

On each of the inside pages, I attached a cash bill and a gift card was also inside - to make sure they looked at all of the pages lol.  I will be posting pictures of the inside pages, which I finished up while at the hotel in N.J. the day before the wedding....

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