Friday, July 3, 2015

Cute girl socks with lace trim and bows

Happy 4th of July!!
Stampin' Up has the prettiest delicate lace trims that you can use on non-card projects - take a look at how pretty the lace trim looks on a pair of girls' socks!  Stampin' Up also has thinner width ribbon that can be made into little to put on the lace, or even headbands or barrettes. 
Here are some of the laces and ribbon you can buy in my online Stampin' Up store for great socks for your favorite girls:

Here are the directions to make these lacy socks - great for stocking stuffers, party favors, gift box tops, cards that you can send in the fun it would be to have a different color or lace for each day of the week!  Buy your trims now for upcoming birthdays, Christmas, Halloween (double up on the laces!), etc.

  • Fit one of the socks over a 1-1/2–2 litre bottle.
  • Pin the lace trim around the top of the sock.
  • Hand sew along the join, then all around the center of the lace.
  • Pull the sock off the bottle and finish with a few stitches inside the sock.
  • Repeat with the other sock to make a pair!

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