Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas pics with digital camera; our dog

Trying my digital camera today!  You can see the tinsel trim on the bag and middle tag, the embossing on the red tags, but not the rhinestone on the JOY or green treetop - will have to see what I can do about that.  When I scan things in my computer, often you can see these little details better.

The red dot in the middle of the gold ornament is a red pearl,
but I don't think you can tell the paper or ink is Stampin' Up's beautiful gold cardstock. These are some pictures of Christmas projects I have been working of the Christmas Craft class, partially finished of the cards, tags, and little bag that they go into.  
And also is the fancy doggy treat bag that is going to a friend's dog. 
So I started playing around with the camera more, taking pictures outside of our Christmas decorations:

Back in the house with a picture of the top of our tree using the zoom feature on the camera.
I noticed the lights and shiny balls don't come out very well though...

Our furbaby was following me around, so I got a picture of her

I even decorated up Inu's crate and the area by it - the cover on her crate was a tablecloth that I cut up and made 2 matching bench cushions!  She loves to sit on the comfy cushions.  I can't leave the Snoopy dog out and unattended - Inu thinks it is a toy for her and gets it and shakes it!

Here is the other side of Inu's crate by the railing - she has her own stocking and ornament, but leaves these alone.

Here is the little area on the other side of the railing, which is the entry way hall at the front door.  See the pretty white bow under the tree here?  That is a doggy cookie - Inu hasn't found that  When I first put this Alan Jackson singing Santa up, Inu wasn't too sure she liked him!!

Now Inu thinks she has been patient enough and gets one of her toilet paper cardboard rolls out and gives me that look, Can we play now?!  Her nose looks long and skinny in this picture!  We trimmed her paws up; don't they look dainty and neat?  She had her picture taken with Santa yesterday.  The things we do with our furbabies...!

I would love it if you could post a comment and let me know what you think of my digital camera's pictures - better than my cell phone pictures?  My hubby got a new cell phone and I think his cell phone takes better pictures than mine now.  Maybe I will have to get a better digital camera too!

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