Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our furbaby Inu's first live baby encounter

First I have to thank all of you who checked out my blog, the fairy lite, and requested directions!!  It was awesome to have your feedback....and today when I opened my e-newsletter for StampinLNstampers I saw that my fairy lite was the first project on Kelly's list of blog finds for May 19th!!  I almost fell out of my chair...doing a little happy dance here and stayed in the chair.... I wanted to share some pics of our furbaby Inu's first encounter with a real live baby (he's 8 weeks old, Inu will be 2 on May 23rd).  Again, it was too much fun to capture Inu's experience and her reactions....So we go to visit our friends to see their new baby - here is Noah waving and saying Hi.  We played and took a bath....  

Don't you just love that new baby smell and especially after they had a bath?  All this fuss and Inu just had to check Noah out:

She wasn't impressed so pretty much avoided him.  Until she saw one of Noah's toys....remember Inu loves bunnies?  So Noah's blue bunny was pretty intriguing.

Now this was something worthwhile....all Inu has to do is hear the word "bunny" and she gets excited, and here is one right under her nose.....So the bunny "hops" into the playpen....and Inu goes to investigate

You can just see the wheels turning in Inu's I go in after it?  Or is this blue elephant here gonna have to suffice?  She looked and looked, ran around the other end of the playpen trying to find an easy way in....knowing that the blue bunny is in there.  Finally, with some encouragement, Inu makes it into the playpen

The height of the playpen is set near the top - after all, Noah is only 8 weeks old yet....and Inu is so proud that she got in....but now to find that bunny.  In the meantime, we are all cracking up and laughing to see how hard Inu is working for that bunny.  But finally, she got that bunny!

Now isn't that like a little kid - a $1 bunny can be so much fun?  Inu discovered that Noah has some pretty other interesting stuffed animals too.  Like this elephant - I saw Inu perk up when she spied this - good thing he is up on the dresser or Inu would have found a way to "play" with him!

And see what else I discovered hiding by the wall - they match Noah's baby room - wouldn't these be cute in a shadow box or picture frame?

These match Noah's quilt, flannel blanket, and crib mobile too

And Noah slept through the entire thing....

Gee, even his little pajamas match his nursery colors and decorations!  Next time we visit Noah, he might be crawling, walking, and definitely there will be some food crumbs....won't Inu love that? 

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